Using Call Numbers with Books

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When you use the catalog and decide to find the book, write down the Call Number from the catalog. The catalog tells you the location of this call number. You can use the library floor maps to locate the shelf. Older books will be in Rover. Book spines as seen on the shelf have codes on them. You want to match the call number you found in the library catalog with this number.

Part of this code is a call number.

There are three systems of call numbers used in the library.

Books in the “main collection”

This contains the documents not in the Education Resources Center and not in Government Documents. This collection used the Library of Congress system, described here.

Books in the Education Resource Center

The Dewey Decimal system is used in the center. The Dewey Decimal system is described here.

Books in the government documents collection

Government documents use the Superintendent of Documents codes called SuDocs for short. These are described here.